Relax: your data is safe.

Your digital safe

For your most important files

Gigabank lets you store pictures, documents, music and other files. Your account is safeguarded in our highly secure WORM storage in Switzerland. Never worry again about viruses, hard disk crashes, human errors or theft. Files stored in Gigabank cannot be deleted and are distributed across three different locations.

Automatische Sicherung

Gigabank Software

Die Gigabank Software für Windows® oder Mac OS X macht Datensicherung einfach. Sie wählen das zu sichernde Verzeichnis aus und markieren es - fertig. Jedesmal wenn Sie neue Dateien speichern oder Dateien verändern, werden diese automatisch in die Gigabank hochgeladen.

» Gigabank Software für Windows

» Gigabank Software für Mac OS X

Registrations closed

...but your data is safe!

Due to the discontinuation of Gigabank, it is not longer possible to register for an account or purchase additional upload volume.

However, existing volume can be used, all data will remain accessible until end of 2016.


Another 5 years...

Gigabank started its data safe keeping service in 2006 - and is looking after your valuable data - pictures, documents and other important files. The Gigabank technology is proven, in all these years we haven't lost a single bit.

Despite its technical success, Gigabank has not had commercial success: the price for 100% secure safe-keeping seemed too high for many end users.

After six years of investment in this business, we have to draw the consequences and will be closing the Gigabank effective 31 Dec 2016.

For you as a user this means your data are safe for five years following your last purchase, and they can be downloaded at any time during the next 5 years. If you have already purchased volume, you may use this space.

Registering a new account and extending upload volume for an existing account will not longer be possible.